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Music is a Form of Art!

Music is the art of combining vocal and or instrumental sounds together to create expressions of an effect, like emotions and situations. Music can describe feelings and thoughts that many people can have, but they can not express for what ever reason.  Music is a natural tool because it is a form of communication. When animals sing their songs to one another, this is music used for communicating and mating. Humans use music for many different reasons, such as entertainment or to excerise.For expression and or communication purposes, music has many other great uses. Music is also beneficial for a person's health and even their mood. 

Despite the greater online social activity, people still flock to offline events like concerts held at various venues and arenas. This includes many festivals all over the world like Coachella, Electric Daisy Carnival, Rock in Rio, and Glastonbury just to name a few. According to Billboard, at least 32 million U.S. music lovers attend music events and festivals each year. Nearly half of that total is from the millennial demographic.


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