Hidden Minnesota Beaches

8 Little Known Beaches in Minnesota That’ll Make Your Summer Unforgettable

Between the scenic North Shore, the dozens of rivers, and the thousands of lakes, you can expect to find some pretty epic beaches in Minnesota. It should come as no surprise then, with summer coming up, that we want to share some of our favorites. Whether you’re looking for some peace and quiet, a place to swim, or just to work on your tan, there’s bound to be a beach in MN you can love. Here are some of the best and most secluded:

1. Zippel Bay State Park Beach
Zippel Bay has 2 entire miles of sandy, beautiful beach on Lake of the Woods on the Northern border of Minnesota. The views are stunning in every direction, and there's plenty of room for you to spread out and enjoy some quiet relaxation.
2. Iona's Beach
On the North Shore, this small beach is actually a Scientific & Natural Area (SNA) so it's best for just walking through and sitting, but there is a short path that brings you to the crystal clear waters of Lake Superior and the beautiful red pebbles are truly unique.
3. Lake Carlos State Park Beach
This secluded beach at Lake Carlos State Park is the perfect place for families to unwind, take a dip, play volleyball, and enjoy the sunshine.
4. Black Beach
This beach by Silver Bay has gorgeous black sand as a result of taconite mining in MN's past. The waters have been restored to their beautiful, pristine condition, and you can simply the enjoy the uniqueness of this view.
5. Afton State Park Beach
This beautiful state park beach on the St. Croix River offers calm places to swim and recline on sunny days. Just a quick drive from the cities, it's an amazing place to hike in and spend a summer day.
6. Flandrau State Park Beach
Not only is this beach soft and welcoming, but the water is actually a chlorinated pool with a sandy bottom. This is the perfect place to bring children, and it's conveniently located near the wonderful small town of New Ulm.
7. Hayes Lake State Park Beach
Another wonderful park beach, Hayes Lake offers sandy shores in Northwestern Minnesota for families to relax and enjoy while they're staying in the nearby campgrounds.
8. Camden State Park Beach
This beach is beautiful, but the water is what is truly unique. The beach at Camden State Park is on a spring fed pond with stunning, clear waters, that everyone will love. It's one of the most refreshing places to take a dip in MN.

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