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Spots Requiring Touch: Entry & Exit Doors, Keypads for Garage / Parking Access, Mail Receptacles

If your building doesn’t have automatic doors, you may have to touch that dreaded door handle.  Go ahead. Just be sure that after you do so, you wash your hands or use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer that contains at least 60% alcohol.  And, before you get to that sink or pump that gel, don’t touch your face.


These are small spaces that can at times require people to stand shoulder to shoulder.  If you are in good health, now is a good time to get in your extra steps by taking the stairs.  Of course if you live on the 34th floor, that’s a lot of steps. So, if you have to use the elevator, after you press the button to call it, and the button to designate your destination floor, wash or disinfect your hands.  If you have to cough or sneeze while on your ride, do everyone at your sides a favor and do so in your elbow, or better yet, if wearing a shirt that you can pull over your nose and mouth, bury it in there.

Gyms & Laundry Facilities

Clothes are still going to need to be washed, and if you’re now working from home, you might need a quick jog on the treadmill to maintain some peace of mind in that head of yours.  Just be extra mindful of all the touch points. The virus can’t walk or jump. If it landed somewhere, it’s going to sit there waiting for transport. That is – your hand. And even then, it’s gotta find its way to your eyes, nose, or mouth to gain entry into that body of yours.  So, don’t let it.  

Think of your actions as a series of movements with embedded washing/disinfecting breaks.  Like this: 1) leave apartment with laundry basket and detergent, 2) open door to laundry room, 3), open washer, 4) put clothes in washer, 5) close washer, 6) fill coin slot, 7) push in coin slot, 8) now – go wash hands.

Pay Attention

You know that mail you get from your on site community team that you usually toss into your circular file?  Now’s the time to actually read it. Property management companies are taking this seriously. They don’t want their residents to get sick, nor their employees. 



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