Cedars of Edina 2020 Spring Cleaning Checklist

Spring Cleaning Checklist

You’re stuck inside- why not get that spring cleaning done early?

Make sure to have your notes app ready to go on your phone (or if you’re old school & like pen and paper). Keep a running list of those essentials you’ll need to restock!

Keep in mind that packages are still getting delivered and Cedars staff is happy to drop any packages off at your door.

You can also keep a list of non-emergency service requests. When the outbreak is over, put the requests in and our maintenance techs will be happy to fix those things! All emergency service requests (such as leaking water) please put in right away.

    Living Room
    Clean windows Wipe down baseboards with a microfiber cloth Dust blinds Dust furniture & decorative items including wall frames Deep-vacuum carpets. Use the hose to get those corners! Remove any wall scuffs with Magic Erasers
    Entryway & hallway closets
    Sweep & wash floors Remove clutter from your entry- hang up your coats & bags. Put away shoes Wipe down baseboards Go through all your shoes. Donate anything that doesn’t fit. Toss anything that’s damaged Go through seasonal items- make sure all your mittens have their match. Do you need to order new rain boots for spring?

*Take this one cabinet at a time (or you’ll feel overwhelmed and give up)

    Go through all your food products. Toss anything that’s expired. Put anything that’s nearing expiration on the menu for the week- don’t let it go to waste! Wipe down the inside & outside each cabinet and drawer. Go through your kitchenware. Donate anything you don’t use any more. Toss that weird Tupperware lid that doesn’t fit anything. Clean all your appliances using a microfiber cloth. Run your stove grates through the dishwasher next time you do a load. Make a list of essentials you need (food, dishwasher pods, etc) Wipe down walls with Magic Eraser
    Dining Room
    Wash windows Dust blinds Wipe down furniture Wipe down baseboards Mop floor Wipe down walls with Magic Eraser
    Wash all bedding Flip your mattress Go through all the clothes in your home (take sections at a time- don’t get overwhelmed!). Donate anything that doesn’t fit. Toss anything damaged beyond repair. If you rotate your clothes seasonally go through that as well- it won’t be too long before you’ll be wearing those shorts! If you’re saving children’s clothes for other children, put those in containers & label them so they’ll be ready to go Wash windows Dust blinds Wipe down furniture Wipe down baseboards
    Clean shower & tub Clean toilet Clean vanity Wipe down mirror Discard expired makeup & personal care products Wash floor
    Kid’s Stuff
      Sanitize plastic toys Wash stuffed animals & bedding Donate unused toys. Toss broken ones Designate a bin for each child’s artwork
    Pet Stuff
      Wipe down toys- most toys can be thrown in the dishwasher! Hang a hook by your door for easy leash access Make sure you have enough poop bags! Order more if you’re running low Wash all pet bedding Replenish treats Sign up for recurring pet food delivery on either Amazon or Chewy
    Storage Units
      Go through all your storage bins. Donate anything you don’t use. Toss anything that’s damaged. Make sure your storage unit is in compliance with MN fire code- nothing can be stacked above the door Make sure your storage unit is locked. Store the key or combo where you won’t forget
      Sweep off balcony Make sure you’re not storing unpermitted items on them (clothes, trash, bikes, etc) Wipe down patio furniture Buy some flowers & plants so that you can enjoy the beauty

Now that you're done you can put in an online order to restock those essentials.

You can also dropoff your donation items to Goodwill, Clothes Mentor, Arc's Value Village or the Salvation Army. 

Make sure to reward yourself- you worked hard! 

Thank you for calling Cedars home! 

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